Starting the year as a Neoteric!

This word is perfect as my first blog post.

I was trying to capture a word that represents a New Year, the beginning of a new chapter, or just plain start of an exciting new project. So I went to and typed down “new” in the search bar. There were many commonly known words, but the word “neolithic” popped out like a black spot on a white wall. It felt ancient, slightly scientific, but it meant something new. And it meant even more; the meaning, which I read in some dictionaries, was personal.

This word is hard to find in some dictionaries. Online sites such as Cambridge Online and Macmillian didn’t have the word in their database, but I did find it in reliable Merriam-Webster and The Free Dictionary.

Both MW and FD search defines “neoteric” as an adjective: “recent,” “modern,” and “new.” The Late Latin root, “neotericus” is derived from its the Greek root, “neōterikós,” which means “youth,” “fresh,” and “youthful.” If we go even further, the Greek root can be compared to the word, “neos,” which means, well… new. These are accurate and great, but let me tell you, Free Dictionary won the definition competition by taking the definition further.

According to FD, neoteric is a person a “modern person; one who accepts new ideas.” Furthermore, it usually refers to an author or a philosopher. But basically, it is a person who is open to new ideas and thoughts and thinks and sees the world in a modern way.

So if I were to use the world in a sentence, I would say, “That Ben likes to read a lot of books on modern day politics and economy. I think he might be a neoteric.” I can also say, “If you accept that Barbershop Quartets can be considered as boy bands, then we can say that the concept of boy bands is not a neoteric idea.”

I, as someone who graduated with a philosophy major, am a neoteric. I’m open to new ideas and I want to learn them to become a more intelligent and cultured person. The past does not know as much as we do now, so let’s take advantage of this and start off 2014 by becoming neoterics!

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